20 sept. 2010

Tommy Hilfiger

New contest on Polyore! :) Totul despre colectia de toamna/iarna a designerului Tommy Hilfiger. Si descrierea concursului de pe Polyvore: " Meet the Hilfigers, an ever-growing family of eccentrics whose season is going to be one long tailgate party. This fall, the family sets the new standard for prep style--but that's prep with a twist! Tweeds and corduroy, headscarves and high-heeled duck boots, a true trench and a bold blazer, crewnecks and down vests, aviators and repp ties. The more you mix it the better! Just like the Hilfiger gang."
Setul meu: o tinuta pe un stil clasic, dar totusi chic, in stilul familiei Hilfiger. Wish me luck! :)

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